Sunday Lunch

Apéritif - Damson Negroni fizz £12.50

Fried Spanish corn kernels £4

Valencia almonds fried in olive oil £5

Spanish green olives £6

Sourdough bread by Alex Gooch with Netherend Farm salted butter & Spanish extra virgin olive oil made from 100% Arbequina olives £1.75 per person


Crispy breadcrumbed belly pork & black pudding, apple & mustard sauce with pickled kohl rabi & dandelion

Provencal style fish soup with gruyere cheese, crostini and rouille

Chanterelle & oyster mushrooms on grilled sourdough with barba di fratte, smoked bacon, garlic, parsley and chilli

Puntarelle and barba di fratte alla Romana on deep fried polenta

Cauliflower soup, cheddar cheese, fresh chives, Welsh extra virgin rapeseed oil

Ox tongue on grilled sourdough with celeriac remoulade and dandelion tossed in pickled walnut dressing (my favourite!)

Salt baked beetroot, roast heritage carrots, crumbled Bristol made feta cheese, grilled gem, trevise and castel franco lettuces, balsamic and savoury granola

Deep fried Jerusalem artichokes, roast Delicia squash & crumbled Bristol made pickled ewes milk cheese (which is the same as feta but beta smile) with capers, fresh chilli, barba di fratte and Italian Winter leaves


Slow cooked shoulder of local pedigree pork with crackling, roast potatoes, Sunday veg, gravy and apple sauce or haricot beans with parsley & parmesan, fried egg and char-grilled tender stem broccoli

Gnocchi alla Romana, deep fried Jerusalem artichokes, char-grilled tender stem broccoli, Cashel blue cheese sauce with grilled trevise & castel franco lettuce, oyster and chanterelle mushrooms

Natural smoked haddock on Winter greens with mashed potato, poached egg and grain mustard sauce

‘Inside out’ free-range chicken Kiev on braised chard, cavolo, spinach & fennel with deep fried polenta ‘chips’

Roast topside of Johnny Morris Herefordshire beef with Yorkshire pudding,

roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables and gravy

The beef is served pink. If you would like it well done, not a problem, just ask.


Lemon crunch

Chocolate mousse, Pembrokeshire sea salt, caramel, Neals Yard Creamery crème fraiche and Hardwick honeycomb

Stem ginger pannacotta and forced rhubarb jelly


Raspberry jam bakewell tart with raspberry ripple ice cream

House made ice creams and sorbet

Gorwydd Caerphilly & Shropshire Blue, cheese biscuits and apple & apricot chutney